Packing Matters!

TECHMEN was established as a vendor of OEMs of (SUZUKI, TOYOTA, DEWAN & HONDA) motors in the year 1988. At start TECHMEN was a small scale industrial unit but over the years it has grown into a medium scale unit. All this was possible through dedication, untiring efforts and administrative acumen of Mr. Waseem Khaliq Muggo, the Chief Executive. Mr. Muggo instilled in workers spirit of team work, devotion and allegiance towards work. TECHMEN workforce personnel comprising Engineers, Professionals, Technicians, Skilled workers and Semi-skilled workers are striving for the fulfillment of the goal of their Motto “Only Quality Has Future”

Product Feature

Make: Heavy duty plastic bucket with handle and lid.

Material: HDPE high density polyethylene

Color: Any Colors

Capacity: 10 , 15 , 20 Liters

Weight: 500 – 850 grms +-5%

Crack resistance

Elevated durability

Perfect finish

Product Description

The manufacture of all plastic containers involves either a blow molding or injection molding machine. Many buckets are made out of high-density polyethylene. HDPE is a durable, non-reactive thermoplastic that resists impact and inhospitable climates during transit or storage. In the blow molding process, raw HDPE resin, which in the beginning of the molding process is called stock, is loaded into a hopper. The hopper then directs the stock into a conveyance channel where a large screw forces the stock toward a mold. As the screw turns, the combination of friction and pressure heats the stock.

This heating, combined with extra heat provided by heating elements along the channel, heats the stock to the point of liquefication. At this point, the liquefied stock enters a mold cavity and takes its shape. Compressed air is then blown into the cavity, hollowing out the middle of the plastic mold. Once the molding process is finished, the product is allowed to cool and harden. It is then ejected from the mold, cleansed of imperfections (if they are present) and either shipped or sent for additional processing.

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